Future passive and Technology video (B1/B2)

This is a quick idea based around this video from Microsoft, showing a concept for living with technology in the near future.

This is one of those videos that I love coming across, as there seems to be so much potential for exploitation in class.

On this occasion, I wanted to set up a simple activity to practise the passive voice in future tenses. It relates well to units in PET and FCE textbooks.

Begin by asking students how they interact with technology. For example, through a smartphone, a laptop or whatever. Ask how they think people will interact with technology in the future – in the home, at work, etc.

Before playing the video, dictate the following list to the students:


kitchen table

breakfast menu

kitchen wall

business card

car window

office desk

subway advertisement

Students should look for these things in the video.

After they have finished watching, tell the students to write a sentence containing a future form for each of the items on the list, describing how the items are used.

Hopefully, this will produce a sentence in the passive voice:

e.g. Glasses will be used to translate signs on the street; Money will be donated through subway advertisements.

As an extension, get students to think of other ways that technology could be integrated with everyday items. You could get them to write up their account of a day in the future with technology.

Not a whole lesson plan, but a good starting off point for teaching this grammar point.

How would you use the video in class?


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