Flipped classroom: does it work?

4 thoughts on “Flipped classroom: does it work?”

  1. We use this approach in our school and as you say it has mixed results. If students are not engaged or not doing their homework, it can be very difficult to manage. But with the classes that do work at home, the results are positive.
    I might write a post on the subject, in the meanwhile you can read this if you like: https://dynamiteelt.wordpress.com/2016/12/23/the-flipped-language-classroom-a-case-study/
    It’s from the DoS who set up flipped classrooms in our school.


    1. Thanks for that link, very interesting.
      My school is not really geared up for this approach, hence my interest in trying it out.
      How do you ensure everyone is kept informed of tasks? I think I’m going to try to combine with something like Edmodo or a Facebook group.

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      1. We have an online platform for that, but you can easily substitute it with Edmodo or Moodle I guess. If you try, let us know how your students reacted.


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