How useful are CPD training sessions in ELT?

6 thoughts on “How useful are CPD training sessions in ELT?”

  1. This is a very interesting post. I think there are a lot of potential weaknesses with the INSETT model that could perhaps be alleviated by offering other options which are more peer-based and democratic such as interest groups, or observation circles. An interesting critique of the ‘cascade’ model ( and potential solutions (

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  2. We’ve recently set up a group of mini-sigs which teachers belong to according to their interests.Each group is headed up by a Diploma-Q’ed teacher. The first meeting the group has defines the content of the research. They then test theories out in their own classes, recording their findings,then meet again to discuss said findings and prepare a presentation for the rest of the staff. This is done after the Monday lunchtime staff meeting, food is provided and everyone gets to learn from their peers. It works well.

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