Flipped Classroom Episode 3: It’s All Relative

3 thoughts on “Flipped Classroom Episode 3: It’s All Relative”

  1. I’m not sold on autonomy as a skill. I think it’s more a value. Sounds like your learners needed the mediocre results to motivate them to do what they had agreed to do for homework.

    This may be heresy but I don’t think we should mollycoddle students. If they want to learn they need to actually do it, not just be present for class.


  2. I totally agree that learners need to learn from themselves, and not mollycoddled. But it takes time to instil the right attitude on the class.

    Skill or value, I’d still say it’s something that should be promoted – it’s part of providing the best language learning experience to students.


  3. Autonomy kind of has me at my wits’ end. I know all learners understand that faffing is not conducive to learning. Motivation is important, and understanding how likely you are to persuade people to learn.

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