Subscriptions and Language Learning

3 thoughts on “Subscriptions and Language Learning”

  1. Hi David.

    I am afraid I am here to be a naysayer. I feel that most blended learning has fairly awful user interface design, being basically Moodle. While Moodle is good compared to other platforms, I don’t think it’s great.

    Another reason the subscription model probably wouldn’t work is that the teacher-student bond is of utmost importance. If students stop attending (online or face-to-face) teacher-student rapport gets damaged and probably the subscription stops. You would also likely have a lot of one-month free trials.

    However, just because it’s like this now, I don’t think it need necessarily be the case. However, I think people might see face-to-face lessons as more of a social outlet than video chat, perhaps.

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    1. Absolutely, I agree that yhe subscription model doesn’t suit how we work now: it’s something to consider as we adapt how we work in future.

      I agree about Moodle too: very frustrating at times. How do we improve on it?


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