DipTESOL practical

4 thoughts on “DipTESOL practical”

  1. Welcome to Dip Club, David.

    I hated my teaching practice, actually, though loved the reading and theorising. In response to your question as to why some people don’t go for the Dip or Delta, I suppose it’s a matter of time, money and return on investment. There might be other ways to develop professionally that are considerably cheaper. Even here in decent-ish TEFL wage Japan, the Dip is quite a bit of money.

    Enjoy, relax, and wait for your shiny bit of paper! Congratulations.

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  2. I was in a similar position, doing my Delta Modules 1 and 2 before Christmas. Like you, I quite enjoyed it. Of course, I didn’t enjoy every minute but I did enjoy learning. I liked thinking about teaching, and discussing it with other teachers.

    I think an off putting thing about the Diploma courses is that they are a lot of work. I’ve seen a few people do the Distance Delta and basically put their lives on hold for 9 months. I knew it was better for me to do Delta Modules 1 and 2 intensively rather than trying to work and study at the same time. I considered the Dip because it quite nicely combines distance study with face-to-face teaching practice but timings didn’t work out.

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