Reading and Writing lesson plan: tweets, complaints and compound nouns

As I described in my last post, I’ve recently finished the teaching practice of the DipTESOL. I wanted to share one of the lessons I created for the course, which was based around using Twitter to complain about service during a holiday. The students I was teaching were all young adults who were learning English … Continue reading Reading and Writing lesson plan: tweets, complaints and compound nouns

Speaking Lesson Plan (B2+): Selfies and Self-Portraits

Materials to download Powerpoint presentation: selfies-1(.pdf format)   selfies-1 (.ppt format) Descriptions of self-portraits for the reading stage: selfie-descriptions (.docx format)selfie-descriptions (.pdf format) This is a fun EFL lesson plan I created to provide speaking and vocabulary practice to  higher level students. It encourages discussion around the subject of art, modern “selfie” culture, and ends with a CAE part … Continue reading Speaking Lesson Plan (B2+): Selfies and Self-Portraits

Lesson plan (B2): I wish and If only


This EFL lesson plan is a recent activity that I used in an FCE class, which I found to work really well with Upper Intermediate (B2) learners. I think it could work equally well with Advanced/CAE learners as a review of the forms.

It could be a standalone lesson plan, or would supplement most courses well.

The inspiration for this comes from Lindsay Clanfield’s Global English textbook, and uses as its source SMITH Magazine‘s “Six-word memoir” feature, which you can see online here. The idea is that people distil their lives into 6 words, which throws up all kinds of interesting language in itself that you may want to exploit.


  • learners to understand and use wish/if only with past simple and past perfect to discuss hypothetical desires/regrets in the present and past.
  • learners to practise summarisng and reacting to short, abstract texts.


6 word memoir sentences and student worksheet

  • extra controlled practise exercises (optional)
  • post-it notes or similar

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